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Drew Peterson is a Home Loan Strategist with over 10 years of experience as a Mortgage Lender, helping hundreds of families realize their dreams of home-ownership. While the majority of his professional focus has been spent as a Mortgage Consultant, (funding millions of dollars in mortgage loans), he has always had a hand in other unrelated business endeavors. Drew is a former professional boxer, Co-Host and Producer of My Fox 29’s “Man Up TV with Tom Barnard”, Boxing Promoter, bridge-builder with the Iron Workers Union (Local 512,) Freelance Writer, Oil Rig Worker, and has worked in Business Banking. Currently, he’s focusing the majority of his efforts on educating homeowner’s and first-time home-buyers of all types on how to place them in the best financial situation available in today’s complex marketplace. In his free time, Drew enjoys spending time with his 4 children, rock climbing, skydiving, boxing, snowboarding, running, and playing classical piano, among other things.

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